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Zbigniew Małolepszy

E-mail:; Tel. (+48) 32 296 4842

PhD: 1999, University of Silesia, Poland. Geothermal field of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland.


Professional skills

My job has been focused primarily on the subsurface mapping and 3-D geological modelling resulting in the concept and implementation of digital version of the spatial model of geological structure of Poland - from 6000 m to 500 m b.s.l. (2003-2005) and other numerous 3-D geological models developed in Academia (Poland, USA) in the E&P industry (the Netherlands) and recently in the Polish Geological Institute. My another major field of work is visualization of geological data and structures. I developed the first interactive 3D geological web-viewer in Europe (2007). It happens to me sometimes to get away from the desktop computer and work in the field on geological mapping (Antarctica, Peru, Romania, Turkey, and Russia).


Selected articles