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Integrated Environmental Spatial Information System (ESIS)

Łukasz NOWACKI, Jacek CHEŁMIŃSKI, Jacek, KOCYŁA, Ewa SZYNKARUK, Maciej tomaszczyk
Przegląd Geologiczny, vol. 57, nr 2, 2009

The main aim of the Environmental Spatial Information System (ESIS) project was to design a methodology for creation of a detailed Digital 3D Model of geological structure, comprising infrastructure data, land use and environmental information and usable for local administration units of the county (poviat) and commune level. The 3D geological model shows geology down to 30 m below ground level, that is in zone important for land use planning due to the impact of the existing and future surface infrastructure. Integrated Environmental Spatial Information System has been designed to facilitate decision-making processes, assessing resources of common mineral deposits, monitoring natural resources and geohazards predictions.