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3D modelling prospect for HDR

Project title: 
Assessment of Hot Dry Rock geothermal resources in Poland with the application of 3D geological modelling.
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Project manager: 
Adam Wójcicki
Ministry of Environment
National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

The project aimed on indicating geological areas and structures with the most favourable conditions for the location of closed geothermal systems. An indirect objective of the project was to enrich the database of petrophysical parameters of rocks, including thermal parameters and to perform geophysical surveys. Precision and reliability of this work are decisive for the correct assessment of the modelled structures.

Fig. 1. Structural-parametric model in the domain of both time and depth for the potentially prognostic area in the Gorzów Wielkopolski region.

The search for geological structures that are prospective for geothermal energy is related to multistage model research, starting from the interpretation of seismic profiles through building a structural model in the time domain and its depth conversion based on the velocity model, to the construction of stochastic lithological models and the distribution of selected petrophysical parameters.

The outcome of the project is important information useful for planning and implementing future cartography programs. The results of the interpretation of the collected geological data during the time are used to locate areas with thermal potential matching the balance criteria.

The results of the research will be used by the Ministry of the Environment, government and local administration units, potential entrepreneurs interested in the use of heat of rocks and scientific institutions conducting research in the field of earth sciences (including university departments and the Institute of Geological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences).

More information on the project website:  HDR project website