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3D Geological Modelling at the Polish Geological Institute

Ewa SZYNKARUK, Tomasz ŻUK, Zbigniew MAŁOLEPSZY, Grzegorz RYŻYŃSKI, Andrzej RUDNICKI, Edyta MAJER, Michał JAROS
Szynkaruk, E., Żuk, T., Małolepszy, Z., Ryżyński, G., Rudnicki, A., Majer, E., and Jaros, M. 2019. 3D geological modelling at the Polish Geological Institute; Chapter 21 in 2019 Synopsis of Current Three-Dimensional Geological Mapping and Modelling

3D geological modelling was initiated at the Polish Geological Institute (PGI-NRI) in 2003 by setting up the first 3D model of the geology of Poland, showing deep structure from 6000 to 500 m below sea level (b.s.l.). Numerous 3D models have been constructed since then, thus finally starting to tilt the PGI-NRI towards a 3D geological modelling culture. Good proof of impact seems to be the fact that some diehard analogue geologists have been convinced recently to use digital 3D tools, so the effort is both promising and gaining ground.