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Modern prospecting for zinc and lead MVT ores near Siewierz in the Upper Silesia Zn-Pb Ore district in southern Poland

Stanisław Z. MIKULSKI, Łukasz NOWACKI, Katarzyna SADŁOWSKA, Szymon OSTROWSKI, Tomasz BĄK, Grzegorz PACANOWSKI, Marcin LASOCKI
Conference: Conference: Mineral Resources To Discover - 14 th SGA Biennial Meeting, Quebec City, Canada, At Quebec City, 2017, Volume: 2

In the last decade in Poland the exploitation of Zn-Pb sulfide ores of the MVT in the Upper Silesia Ore District decreased due the exhaustion of Zn-Pb ore resources in the Olkusz region, being now the only active mining area in the district. However, in the northern part of the district, between Siewierz and Zawiercie have been documented several Zn-Pb sulfide deposits which are still undeveloped. They host almost 65% of total documented resources of MVT deposits in Poland. These deposits are of pseudo-bed or nest-like forms and are hosted mainly by dolomitized carbonate rocks of Triassic Muschelkalk. New geophysical surveys, including resistivity and IP, coupled with 3D modeling from older boreholes, allowed the generation of new geological, tectonic, and ore mineralization models in the Siewierz area. These results suggest potential for further Zn-Pb ore resources and new targets for exploration drilling. Furthermore, microprobe (EMPA) studies of Zn-Pb sulfide ores documented interesting trace elements admixture in sphalerite (Ag, Cd) and galena (Au, Sb).